Welcome to a family saga set during the Roman Conquest of the First century AD. Historpaints Britons as uncivilised barbarians. It is true both sexes wore nothing except blue dye during a battle though the Druid priesthood could never be dismissed as lightly.

The conquest did not happen in month or a year, half a century later the Romans at last reacheOrkney. Both peoples lived closeto nature, slaverwas a fact of life. Entertainments werviolent and  explicit . Romans killed for entertainment and both nations used ritual sacrifice to appease their deities.

Deva is never a saint. She uses beauty and guile to blend with this new worlorder.

We shaldine with Emperors, witness Boudiccarevolt anenjoan orgy of Roman 

Delights, as the mistress seeks to master their game.

                                  Hail Caesar hail Caesar hail Caesar.

Author:               Anthony A Roberts.     

         City of the Legions 1. The founding father

                 A historical saga of Roman Chester.

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