Some might Never Tempt Fate  witchcraft and Satanism are not for the feint hearted.

If you expect to read about Saints there are none.

A satanic empress skilled in the art of debauchery is not quite the lady.

A chameleon blends with his surroundings and can be all things to all people.

This is not a battle of the sexes more a merry go round of what will be will be.

Is it to be love or money? Will Nick have his cake and eat it?  

This is about responsibility and the fickle hand of fate.  

Go on be a little devil, dare to turn over a new leaf?

      1 plus 1 can make 3 and there hangs the twist in this tale.

Excitement and a fulfilment of desire are the finest offerings in life.

Should something make your heart beat , faster why walk away?

A moment lost is gone forever. Be a devil live for the day.

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