Anthony A Roberts :  A story of Norman Chester:

 City of the Legions 3. The new Conquerors.

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The Norman race might give due reverence to God though few are ever Saints.

In the Eleventh Century it was a male dominated society. Nobles married for money or advantage or both. Daughters, sisters, and sometimes mothers were married off in the interests of the body politic. Fighting was the norm, a God given right, a profession, a sport. Think no battle today, then either hunt dumb animal or raid a neighbour’s manor.

Taking prisoners is not in the nature of the Norman game. England and Wales are again at war as those of the Blood Royal strive for higher things when the old king dies without issue. Nobles must pick the right side, or wither on the vine. Edwin, Earl of Mercia, is just such a man.

The new English King Harold, a brother of the former Queen, whose claim to kingship is weak, must fight his corner. War is about to rage on two fronts.

Women learn to work the system. Beauty and birthright can bring untold riches though sometimes this benefit might lead to a fall. Kendra, Devana, Rowena and Deva believe in an older more primitive religion. Is it any wonder they do not behave like ladies? Any female needs a husband to confirm status, and provide a manor that she can rarely call her own. The birth of children is essential to carry on the family line and maintain her domination.

A new master race ravages the land. Choices are stark. `It is better to bed the invader and eat’, this might not be the motto of a faithful female, though it makes a deal of sense.

This is a story of war, of love, of duty and a fall from grace.   The King is dead long live the King.

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