In a crazy world when it is kill or be killed. Do you spend moments of madness or play it safe for a future that might never happen?

In 1944, a world is at war. Any battle zone can be an awful place. The jungles of Burma are unforgiving regions at the best of times. There is the unrelenting heat, the humidity, and the rugged terrain of high mountains between these inhospitable valley floors.

No army commanders fancied fighting in such hostile conditions and both the Japanese and the allies were no exception though fight they did.

More troops died of disease than in battle. It was the doctors and nurses that picked up the pieces.

This is a story about dedication and the hand of fate as the sexes struggle to survive in this harsh environment. Few expected to come out of the jungle alive and for many they may be proved right.

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  Author  Anthony A Roberts.    A World War 2 drama.

                                 War makes strange bedfellows

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