Work in hand. Due for completion  2020

 Never give a helping hand.

Books of Anthony A Roberts.

A story of gangsters, hit men, a pretty lady, money laundering and romance.

The man at the bar glanced across the departure lounge to admire a slender thigh to pass a few more of those tedious minutes waiting for his gate number to come up.

The features are attractive rather than pretty. There is a hint of a blemish here, a wrinkle there. That definition of the continents used in relation to the fairer sex comes to mind. The female is not like America, the New World, fresh and vibrant. She resembles Europe, interesting in places though displaying a few ravages of time.

The cut of the suit and the hand luggage told of affluence, the economy ticket begged the question.

Why was she here and alone?

Where was she going and why?

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